Randy Wilson's encouraging letter about his success battling cancer using the hedge apple.

The below letter was written to me, Ben Pellom, by Randy Wilson of Erlanger, KY. I asked for and received permission from Randy to place his comments on websites to give hope and encouragement to others about consuming hedge apples to treat cancer. God is good, and has created all things with a purpose. 

May 25, 20017

Dear Ben,

  As you may recall, I first contacted you in late January of this year, 2017. Shirley Mullins of Mullins Log Cabin in Berry, KY told me how to reach you as I was interested in getting a supply of hedge apples. At the time, I had just gotten the results of a CT scan from the week before. I was told that a nodule 1.4 cm in size had developed on the upper lobe of my right lung. Of course, I was told it was highly suspected that it was cancerous and I was referred to a pulmonary specialist. He sent me for a PET scan to confirm just what this nodule was. Although the nodule didn’t “light up” as bright as a typical cancerous tumor would, it was still very suspicious in nature. Instead of having any treatment or surgery, he wanted to just sit on it for four months and have another CT scan on May11 to see what was going on with this nodule. 

  When I received the hedge apples from you, I started the treatment exactly as you suggested. In the meantime, I had gotten a sixty day supply of hedge apple capsules from Randi Jacobsen in Williamstown, KY to have on hand for convenience and, also in case I ran out of hedge apples. I never missed a single dose of this treatment.

  On May 11, I went to the hospital for the follow-up CT scan. A couple of hours later, I had a consultation appointment with the doctor to decide what to do about this nodule problem. In the treatment room, he pulled up the scan results from January that clearly showed the nodule on the screen. He then pulled up the results from the scan I had done just a couple of hours before. Then he said, “Well, it’s gone. The nodule has simply disappeared. How ‘bout that?” He also confirmed that there was no cancer anywhere in my body since he ordered the scan from the top of my head to the pelvic floor. You just can’t imagine the surprise and happiness I had going on at the same time. I Had so much faith in the hedge apples since I have read so much about them, but at the same time I was somewhat skeptical. Not anymore! I will continue with the hedge apple treatment from now on. I’ve put the word out to all my friends to start collecting hedge apples and putting them in their freezers. I’m going to get more of the capsules from Randi Jacobsen since she lives so close to me and I’ll start collecting hedge apples in the late summer. All I have to do now is get lung cancer screening once a year to keep an eye on things since I am a former smoker. I quit that nearly ten years ago. I am so thankful to have been put in touch with you and you are so generous and caring to go out of your to help.


Randy Wilson
Erlanger, KY 41018

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