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Hedge Apple Man
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The below reports of CANCER CURES by users of the hedge apple (osage orange) were graciously provided by Judy Mullins.
To read and/or print these reports, click on the PDF icon below
http://racehorseherbal.com/osageorange.html     The below link is to an excellent, extensive scientific article about the hedge apple (osage orange) and its medicinal  properties and uses.   
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Photo courtesy of ForagingTexas.com
CLICK HERE for insightful comments of Doug Ahart concerning the medicinal properties and uses of the hedge apple - osage orange. Taken from the Dispensary Page of http://www.racehorseherbal.com/dispensary.html
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Some good information about the hedgte apple (osage orange):

CLICK HERE to read Randy Wilson's letter dated May 25, 2017 about having success consuming the hedge apple for cancer.