​     I get so many phone calls and emails from folks asking me how to prepare hedgeapples to eat, or how to preserve them. So this is what i do.

First of all, wrap the hedgeapple in freezer paper, or newspaper, put in freezer, and freeze solid.

    Get your slaw grater, just like you are going to make coleslaw. Grate off the amount you want to eat. This makes it real mushy and you don't even have to chew it. Next i drink a glass of water, and wash my hands. The white sap can burn your eyes if you should put your fingers near your eyes. Most people that i have talked to are eating a tablespoon twice a day. There is no certain amount, or magic portion that you take. It's up to the individual. Some people just eat a teaspoon, others a tablespoon, and others even several whole hedgeapples in a few weeks time. The only side effect that I have heard of, some people get loose bowel movements. I'm not a doctor, but my theory is, that's just your body getting rid of the toxins. I personally don't think it has a bad taste at all. To me, it tastes a little like cucumbers. However, some people don't like the taste. If you are one of those people, then mix it with something you do like, for instance cottage cheese or applesauce. There is no guarantee that hedgeapples work for everyone, but for the majority of people it does work, and they are telling me that they can see a reduction of tumors within a month. Again, everyone is different. There are many things a person can do to slow down the growth of cancer. Some people go on an all alkaline diet, others drink baking soda water, and still others drink food grade peroxide. Go to this website to learn other alternatives. www.earthclinic.com

God bless you and your loved ones who are seeking answers.

If you have further questions, you can contact me at logcabin1999@yahoo.com

PS: I use the whole hedgeapple, peeling, inside, seeds and all. I don't waste any of it.

 May 3, 2015   

    I find that the grated hedge apple in tang, goes down really well. At times I cut slits in bananas and place the grated hedge apple inside. There shouldn't be any reason one couldn't simply place the grated hedge apple in soups, beans, or whatever. I recently made some tea using hedge apple leaves. It is very pleasant to drink, and can be mixed with other liquids such as tea, lemonade, etc. I plan to harvest more leaves as well as bark tomorrow for making tea. 

Ben Pellom
How to prepare the hedgeapples for use by Judy Mullins
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