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    Our Lord does not waste His time. Everything He created has a purpose. Read the Reports of Success in curing cancer with the hedge apple (osage orange) on the Articles Page of this website. CLICK HERE  
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Photo courtesy of RaceHorseHerbal.com
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". . . It just breaks my heart to hear of people dying from cancer, and women having their breasts removed. This is so sad, and so not necessary if they would just take hedgeapple capsules or eat the fresh ones when in season . . ." 

Judy Mullins MullinsLogCabin.NET
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    Requests for hedge apples (osage orange) for combating cancer are increasing. I will be shipping as many as I can, but I suspect with more public awareness, more and more people with cancer will be wanting to consume the hedge apples, necessitating the discovery of more hedge apple sources. That being said, those of you that are moved to want to help people fighting cancer, can be very helpful if you will put the word out in your area for locating hedge apple trees, and by asking friends and neighbors to harvest and store some in their freezers and refrigerator freeze compartment. It would be great if we could work toward having a Rep in as many cities/towns as possible. Right now the hedge apples are on the trees, and will start falling off some time in September, maybe as late as early October in Northern States. A friend used a slim piece of lumber and knocked some out of his tree for me. They are a little short of total maturity, but still good for use. Those of you who are willing to be proactive, please communicate with me by using the Contact Form of this website, or by Facebook Private Message. All help will be greatly appreciated by me, and most importantly, by those who are battling cancer. 

​Many thanks,

Ben Pellom
Shown above: Gary Long, a good friend in the fight against cancer.
Dehydrated hedge apples
Ben Pellom on left & William Winkler